Trail Report for Tuesday March 9, 2021: The trails are closed. Sadly, the warm forecast and lack of snow cover has made it necessary to close the trails. Thank you to all of the members and volunteers who helped make this a great riding season! 


Trail Report for Friday March 5, 2021: The trails are open. Cold temperatures have preserved the little snow we have. Rough trails are showing many rocks and dirt. The larger trails are in somewhat good shape but the snow is very hard and icy making it impossible to groom. So the bottom line is this. If you have studs, scratchers, and good carbides, you can get in some  fairly good riding. Get it now because it won’t last long! 

Trail Report for February 26, 2021: The trails are open. Daytime temperatures above freezing are taking it’s toll but many good trails can be found. Dirt, rocks, and water holes are becoming more common. Rain is forecast after snow showers today and tonight so get in the riding while you can!


Trail Report for February 12, 2021: The snow gods have been good to us and more is predicted. The run up to October Mountain is good to excellent. A bumpy stretch north of big pond will be attended to as soon as the groomers can get there. Everything east of Route 8 is in good to excellent shape. West of Route 8 is bumpy and rocky as usual but excellent runs are found at Otis State Forest. Use caution and good judgement as usual.


Trail Report for February 3, 2021: February first was the best snow day for Otis in many years. Nature finally got in gear and dumped 16 to 18 inches of good packing snow on an already rideable base! Temps are staying cold and there's more on the way. The sled based groomers have been working hard and the bigger groomers will ramp up operations this weekend. Four wheelers, please stay off the trails! 


Trail Report for January 27, 2021: Four to five inches of snow fell on Otis over the last 24 hours. Good cold temps. have solidified a fair existing base. Grooming is still limited at this time. Use caution. If you cross the ice, you do so at your own risk! Be advised the beginning of Lattimer Hill Road is now being plowed. It is a narrow road so go very slow over this portion and watch out for vehicles until a bypass is built this summer. Four wheelers please stay off the state forest and town road roads until spring. We'd like to get some good riding.


Trail Report for December 24, 2020: Due to warm temps and excessive rain the trails had to be closed. 




Trail Report for December 22, 2020:

The recent snow storm allowed the trails to open but warming temperatures and lack of any additional snow has lead to less than optimum conditions on the rougher trails. The sled groomers have been out and a larger groomer has groomed State Forest, West Otis, and Alan Roads. Farmington River Trail is too rough to groom.The rain forecast for Christmas will force a total trail closure. The ice is still unsafe, so stay off! Next week looks promising for more snow and cold but much more improvement is needed. Think snow!


Trail report for December 18, 2020.  Just over a foot of snow fell in East Otis. The trails are open but be advised there is no base. The fresh snow hides rocks, logs, and water holes. Riding is for the experienced only. Grooming will begin as the base solidifies and more needed snow arrives. The weather looks favourable for improving conditions. Please consider carrying a saw and clippers because the trail worker shortage has made it difficult to check every trail. At this time do not go on the lakes and ponds. The  ice is not safe!