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Knox Trail Sno-Riders, Inc. is a snowmobile club located in East Otis, MA . It’s purpose is to promote the sport of snowmobiling and maintain an infrastructure of cleared , marked, and groomed snowmobile trails across private and public property. Formed in 1971, the club has been helping to provide a great riding experience in the Southern Berkshires region for over 50 years.

Dozens of volunteers work hard to bring you this great experience! Many duties are performed, some evident, and some not so. These activities include, but aren’t limited to :Trail construction and trimming, maintaining bridges, installing and
removing seasonal fences, trail signs, and access ramps, landowner negotiation for trail rights of way, purchase, construction, maintenance, and operation of a fleet of snowmobile groomers, tracked groomers, and drags, maintaining chainsaws and associated trail working tools,

organizing and operating fund raising events and raffles, volunteering of time and knowledge to obtain and sell custom clothing and articles to raise funds, operating venues at local events, maintaining a website, publishing a map, managing club assets, organizing club meetings and recording of club minutes, maintaining insurance and leases, keeping local merchants supplied with trail passes and related materials, participating in Snowmobile of Association of Massachusetts (SAM*) meetings and events, , donating to worthy causes, and applying for grants.


This list is never complete! There is always something to do and volunteers are always welcome. Can that new volunteer be you?


*SAM is an association of 36 Massachusetts based snowmobile clubs, helping to make the state a destination of choice for snowmobiling individuals and families.



I will remember that this land I am traveling on is not mine, but borrowed for the season.  It is the home of someone else.  I will respect their privacy as I would expect others to respect mine in my home and on my land.  Moreover, I understand that I am not the only guest to share this great outdoors.  There are others from all walks of life who seek the same privilege of using this land just like me.  I will also respect Mother Nature’s wild creatures who were here long before us.  I will take time to slow my journey, if only to experience the beauty of the season and to enjoy this sport I love.  I will remember the Golden Rule.   I will leave no blight of litter or abuse on this gift of freedom from life’s often sameness.  Snowmobiling is a privilege, not a right.  Remember, the key to the sport of snowmobiling is permission from a landowner.


This is from the  Franklin County Snow Raiders snowmobile club in Vermont. It applies to all sledders.

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