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Welcome Landowners

Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts snowmobile clubs, of which this club is a member, build and maintain snowmobile trails throughout Massachusetts.  The Knox Trail Sno-Riders operates in Otis, Blandford, Becket, Sandisfield and other nearby towns. These trails cross both public and private property. Without the cooperation of the landowners, the club could not provide a great riding experience for its members.

If you are a land owner that welcomes these trails and their use on your property, it is important that you have the following document on file with the club. It protects you from liability resulting from an accident involving a club member while operating on your land. Please carefully read the protections provided by the state of Massachusetts  and the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts to landowners that allow free public access to their land.

Landowner Permission Form


Date:  _____________


I, __________________________________________hereby give the __Knox Trail Sno-Riders, Inc__

Snowmobile Club of ___East Otis_, MA permission in regards to the use of snowmobiling on my property.  Snowmobile's must be legally registered in Massachusetts and displaying a current SAM membership trail pass sticker.


It is understood that my land is open on marked trails or specially designated areas only.  Land opened to snowmobiling is described below.



During the snowmobile season my land is also open to (please circle):  

Cross Country Skiing     Equestrians     Pedestrians/Snowshoeing     Mountain Biking     Other:___________________


I am fully aware that I am free from any liability as set forth in MA Law 21-17c (listed below).


Landowner or Lessee Signature:  __________________________________________________


Name of Landowner:  ___________________________________________________________

Contact Information of Landowner: ________________________________________________

Oral permission given, please check here:   ❏


Club Representative:  ___James G. Richard, media director___

Club contact information:  ___PO Box 363, East Otis, MA 01029____413-931-3000___knoxtrail@gmail.com__


MA Law 21-17c:  Public use of land for recreation purposes; landowner liability limited; exception

An owner of the land who permits the public use such land for recreational purposes without imposing a charge or fee therefore, or who leases his land for said purposes to the Commonwealth or any political subdivision thereof shall not be liable to any member of the public who uses said land for the aforesaid purposes for injuries to person or property sustained by him while on said land in the absence of willful, wanton or reckless conduct by such owner, nor shall such permission be deemed to confer upon any person so using said land the status of an invitee or licensee to whom any duty would be owed by said owner.  The liability of an owner who imposes a charge or fee for the use of his land by the public for recreational purposes shall not be limited by any provision of this section.  Added by ST.1972, c.575

Chapter 90B, section 26:  Snowmobile Trespass Law Approved October 23, 1998.  No person shall operate a snow vehicle on privately owned property, except in case of emergency, unless:  (a) the operator is the owner or lessee or immediate family member of the owner or lessee of such property; (b) the operator has in his possession either a document, signed by the owner or lessee of such property or his agent, authorizing the operation of a snow vehicle on such property by the operator or valid proof of current membership in a club, association or organization to which express authorization for the operation of snow vehicles on such property has been granted; provided however that such operation shall be consistent with the express authorization so granted and any restrictions imposed therewith; or (c) the owner or lessee of such property has designated the area for use by such snow vehicles by posting reasonable notice of such designation in a manner approved by the director.


The Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts has a $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy that encompasses clubs in good standing and the landowners who are part of the statewide interconnected snowmobile trail system.  Permission for the trail noted above is good until the above club is notified by the Landowner in writing.


Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts

P.O. Box 386

Conway, MA  01341 


Revised 11/1/11

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