Breaking News: Important Trail Re-Route Info!


Welcome to The Knox Trail Sno-Riders web site - your online connection to snowmobiling in the Knox Trail / Otis, MA area!

Operating a snowmobile off of your own private property in MA requires a Massachusetts Snowmobile registration. By itself, this will only cover operating on any sanctioned land that is State-owned. In order to legally operate on trails (privately-owned property), a SAM (Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts) pass and club membership are also required. KTSR hopes that you will purchase your SAM passes through us (which will also secure you membership in our club). In addition to securing all of the legal documents and such that you need to operate your snowmobile in Massachusetts, buying your trail passes through KTSR will provide you with a printed trail map.

If you're already a member, Thank You. If you're not yet a member, we invite you to join up now - follow the links above to the Membership area and download an application to mail in or you can buy your SAM and Club passes on line!